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Monday, 03 August 2009 00:09

Surprise! If you haven't noticed , we've changed our domain from to http:// for what's to come.

Zym Framework 0.5.2 was our last release of Zym as a component library.

We've been working slowly behind the scenes on Zym Engine since April, but we haven't been very public about it since it is a large endeavor and will take time to mature. Zym Engine is a continuation of Zym Framework in a different form. Previously, we tool a more component approach similar to Zend Framework, but we quickly realized that developers needed a more comprehensive application framework that simplifies building applications on top of what Zend had to offer. 

Realizing this, we ensured that components that were in Zym such as Zym_Application and Zym_Navigation were in ZF before moving on since they were a great use to us and keeping them to ourselves wasn't very nice. (I'm sure you guys like Zend_Paginator too, which was one of Zym's early components)

Now that we've brought you up to date, here's what we have been hiding from you.

Zym Engine (ZE) is an extensible plugin framework that acts as the base for which Zend Framework applications could be built in a reusable and re-distributable manner.

ZE allows easy integration of applications by unifying the design of aspects such as ACL, User handling, i18n, l10n, etc... By unifying the design through established conventions, developers can create reusable and redistributable modules thus reducing development time.

While this project may seem like "just another CMS", we are not building a CMS at heart, but rather a stable base upon which one could be built.

We essentially focus on providing the infrastructure and leave the developer focus on the application itself.

Coming soon.... 

Over the past few months, we have been developing on a git repository provided by

We have also moved away from GoogleCode in favor for our own Redmine setup located at http:// The ZE Forge provides two purposes. By moving off google code, it allows the GC zym project to be an archive of previous Zym Framework releases for those of you using svn:externals and for down the road, the forge will serve as a development repository for ZE's re-usable modules (third-party or official ;-) ).


Zym Framework 0.5.2 Released
Wednesday, 22 April 2009 21:44
Just packaged up Zym Framework 0.5.2 and uploaded it to GoogleCode for those relying on tags instead of trunk. Head over to Downloads to grab the package.
Zym Release 0.5 Final available!
Sunday, 26 October 2008 21:55

Zym Framework 0.5 Final has been released! Much as changed since the preview release; however, we have not had time to create a release package. This release is mainly a collection of bug fixes and a few new components. Those using SVN trunk will not notice a difference.

You can download the preview release at:

Check out the demo:

And have a look at the API docs and manual:

Please enjoy this release.

Don't forget to report any bug you find on our issue tracker! ;)

Zym Preview Release 0.5 available!
Sunday, 20 July 2008 22:05

It is my pleasure to announce that the first ever Preview Release of Zym is available now! We've labeled it 0.5.0PR, which should be a clear sign that this is not a release that's considered stable. Although it's still a PR, it's actually quite usable and definitely worth checking out. Most things have been tested and work fine, however we can't guarantee a stable API at this point.

You can download the preview release at:

Check out the demo:

And have a look at the API docs and manual:

Please enjoy this preview release.

Don't forget to report any bug you find on our issue tracker! ;)

Component Highlights:

PHPDoc ExtJS converter template
Thursday, 17 July 2008 04:18

As some of you may have noticed, Zym has very nice Extjs based API docs generated by PHPDocumentor. Luckily our code is open, so others can have the same beautiful ExtJS PHPDoc theme. We created it to our specifications and needs mainly so there will still be some bugs.

Check out our API docs for a demo

Install: Simply place it into the Converter/Html/frames/ directory and use "HTML:frames/Extjs:default" as the output template

License: GPL v3

Grab the latest version from our downloads

Download Zym's PHPDoc ExtJS template
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